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Hot Desk – Shared Office Coworking Space in South Delhi


Are you looking for a Hot desk to do your office work in shared office spaces in a coworking space in Saket next to Metro Station? You have arrived at the right place!

Hot Desk is an unreserved workstation available for any individual at different times and intervals. This is the most popular option among all other options if you are a small team and looking for value for money and time while working flexible hours. You will have access to all the common amenities and shall be charged on a use basis only depending upon your subscription plan. You may explore the Price and Plans here! Starts at Rs.300/- Per Day Pricing.

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Private Cabin in Krastay Cowoking Space in Saket

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Krastay Coworking Space in Saket

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Krastay Coworking Space in Saket

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